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Rock the Dog


Working with Rock the Dog on the cover of Dillo has been like getting set loose in a museum on Coney Island and being able to choose the best shit on the wall. I've admired RTD's work since I first saw it in Nicosia about five years ago, so when he agreed to read the book and was actually into it, I felt something like a spiritual kinship: there were two freaks in the room, and one of them could draw. 

Polaroids by Nicos Philippou

The banner images for God's Speedboat and Stories feature reformatted and modified images from Nicos Philippou's collection of polaroid snapshots Sharqi, with the photographer's permission. The brutal, off-kilter landscapes reminded me of home.

The image of astronomer Clyde Tombaugh I used for Hubble isn't copyrighted. In fairness to Tombaugh's memory, Tombaugh was likely a more astute and significant figure than is suggested in the novel and that photo is probably not "the only one where Tombaugh isn't grinning like an ape."

The banner image for Montcrief was taken by photographer Patti Kuche whose rambles through the Bronx captured in light and serendipity exactly what I was trying to put into words. Visit her at: Nylon Daze.

I figured the artist whose photo of "rodent bones in vial" I used for Budge would have been easy to track down on Etsy or Pinterest, but it seems that specific image of vialed rodent bones has gone missing. Maybe the vial was sold. 

—Max Sheridan