The apartment stank of Christakis’ five-pack-a-day cigarette habit and of his personal detritus, his hoarding sickness. There was a single cast iron pot on the stove top that could fit your arm up to the elbow, and a thick blue dildo on the floor.

Book thief and outsider artist Christakis Ktoris was two or three sizes too big for low-key Nicosia, and the stories about his legendary oddness circulate today only among a handful of acquaintances at local bars and cafés. The Runner is a collection of polaroid snapshots Ktoris took of himself with a shutter trigger. My reconstruction of Ktoris' life was an attempt at biography. Text and images are accompanied by an appreciation of Ktoris' work by contemporary Cypriot photographer Nicos Philippou. Available by special order only*, or at Moufflon Bookstore. Ask Ruth.

*currently out of print