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In 2015, I quit my job and opened up a creative writing space in an old factory in downtown Nicosia with no hot water and a crazy neighbor who ran a bar out of his living room. I called it Write CY. It was a little selfish——I hated my job and loved to spend time thinking about stories. My mission at Write CY was to give anyone that wanted it a venue to explore storytelling (with the option of having a drink next-door on my neighbor's couch.)

Story Craft began that first fall, a 6-week course on how to put together stories that people would actually want to read. I had three takers.

By fall 2016 it had become a 10-week course with an online component, and it was full.

When I moved out of Write CY in mid-2017, I took Story Craft on the road, thinking about stories with kids and adults at schools, universities, summer camps and festivals.

And no, I don't ever regret quitting my job.


[Check out the first workshop, Seeing Stories, by clicking on the image. Workshops may be taken as one-offs or as a progression.]


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This 10-week course in creative blogging introduces storytelling techniques and visual ideas that will help you develop your online voice and boost your readership across social media platforms. We cover storytelling for web content writing and blogs, design and visual language tips for creating attractive, responsive layouts for your content, effective scheduling habits for social media and techniques for repurposing your content across social media platforms.

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Story Craft Junior

Learning how stories work makes teens better readers, writers, communicators and empathizers. Plus, it’s just a lot of fun. In this 6-week creative writing course teens ages 12-16 will learn how to put together plots, build compelling characters and write engaging descriptions as we explore our literary voices in a number of different styles. We’ll cover in group and solo projects: short stories, flash fiction, creative non-fiction and blog writing.



Dillo (Shotgun Honey, 2017)


The Runner (2014)


192 Over 110 in Thuglit 11

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