Coming fall 2020
from run amok books


47-year-old amateur astronomy hound Lyle Meeks has a month to make the final payment on his Hubble Home Observatory, the last word in personal astronomy domes.

The only hope he has of raising the money is to drive 1,000 miles out of his way to collect a $1,500 debt from a shady character who conned him two summers ago at a salesmen’s convention in Elk City.

15-year-old, gun-toting Jo-Jo Bibbs is heading in the same direction and he’s mad as hell. A week ago his older girlfriend ran off to Ponca City, Oklahoma, with a homicidal pimp who stands 4-foot-9 in boots. When Bibbs overhears Meeks’ plans at a bar, he figures he’ll just carjack him.

All the way to Ponca City.

Problems start to pile up when Meeks’ IOU is a bust and the odd couple falls prey to a notorious quack about to be run out of town by his patients.

The other obstacles: Meeks’ cheap, Chinese tires; his will-obsessed mother in nearby Missouri, and lost love Nora, who wants back in Meeks’ life; a Ponca City boarding house full of grifters and oddballs; a knife-throwing midget in spurs; and a tornado blowing in from Kansas that threatens to suck up the whole Panhandle.

Hubble is coming fall 2020 from Run Amok Books.

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