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A gif cut from the Killing of Satan to accompany my story, The Death of Buli Diaz, which appeared in Gargoyle Magazine Issue 65 and which you can read below.


Seven forensic statisticians in Baden-Württemberg have come to the independent conclusion that the chances of Buli Diaz, grandson of revered Filipino actor Pasquito Diaz, being crushed by a boulder from the original set of Efren C. Piñon's classic The Killing of Satan on a Heidelberg chairlift are so small as to be ridiculous. Pasquito Diaz, famous for nearly being killed by a giant boulder on the set of The Killing of Satan in the role of "Pito," was ruled out as a suspect after witnesses sighting Diaz, deceased in 2002 of a stroke, in the vicinity of the chairlift at the time of the murder changed their testimony, claiming it was the movie they had been watching all along. Hours after the murder, confessions materialized simultaneously at the homes of 1) Pito Estregan (no relation to the character), an extra from The Killing of Satan who was famously killed by a boulder in the film, 2) Dolores Cyclone, Buli Diaz's estranged girlfriend and a former lap dancer, who was unaware that Pito Estregan was a) alive and b) had not been killed by a boulder in real life, and 3) Claudio Tulli, an Italian man with no connection to Diaz or the filming of The Killing of Satan.

Visual from Story Craft Online

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Film leader collage

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Designs for Storyline Creatives, a boutique writing and communications consultancy: hip, playful and direct.


A rebranding project for child actor Shia LaBoeuf

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Inspired by Never Use Futura by Douglas Thomas

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Inspired by Helvetica by Gary Hustwit

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