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“I had a dream the other night about the Wrath of Khan. Except, in the scene where Khan is stuffing his psionic earwig into Chekov’s ear, there’s a sudden close-up of the earwig and it has the face of Nic Cage.”

It isn't often that you get to collaborate with two of the greatest living authorities on Nic Cage. So when Professor Andy Rogers at Georgia Perimeter College—do you remember the pilot for the Bob Ross biopic that aired on Public Access TV in Hibbing, Minnesota, the one where Ross is dressed in chocolate pudding and uses machetes instead of paint brushes?—and poet Gregg Murray (of First Annual Lord Littlebrook Fiction Prize fame) said they had an opening for a piece about Cage's latest hobbies at Real Pants, I got right on it.

The Cage Collection started off as a weird dream. Then it was a literary correspondence. What it eventually became was the first scholarly treatment on freak Nic Cage appearances in paintings and photographs through the ages, including The Thyroidal Breastfeeding Madonna, Nosferatu and Chicago Nationals legend Joe Tinker.  

Get it at Real Pants now.

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