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A kickstarter campaign that really matters

Have you ever been in the middle of a Nic Cage film and caught yourself saying: Why isn't there more Cage in this film? Well, imagine a film where Cage not only starred, but played all the supporting roles. Imagine a film where Cage played everyone.

I'm proud to be part of the creative team that has been exploring “Cage-only vehicles" for over two years.

Our award-winning concept, Race to Day, is the world's first Cage-only screenplay for option outside Moldova.

“Imagine a film where Nic Cage played everyone."

100% Cage? You're kidding me.

No, we're not. In Race to Day, Nic Cage stars as Charlie Hingus, a retirement-age Bronx detective who discovers that he is everyone, and they all want to kill him. Hingus has 24 hours to figure out why.

But here is where it gets interesting.

The film also stars Cage in all the supporting and bit roles, including stunt doubles, extras, voiceovers, and even a young Hasidic girl named Chaviva.

Race to Day has already been optioned by Pipe Sharks Productions and will be co-penned by screenwriter Andy Rogers.  

If this project speaks to you—or if you want to have Nic Cage play you in our film—join our team by filling out this form.