Jesus in the Mist by Paul Ruffin
“I never was much for talking anyhow. What the fuck’s the point, since most people ain’t gon’ change their minds about anything you got to say. Of course, if you got a mirror with Jesus’s face on it, it sure gives you an edge.”
— from Jesus in the Mist by Paul Ruffin

Paul Ruffin passed away in 2016. I didn’t find out until yesterday, and I got down my copy of Jesus in the Mist and read my favorite two stories. This is probably my favorite line in the book.

I was reminded, when making way towards the end of Jesus in the Mist, how difficult it is to end a good story. Any story. I was also reminded that while Paul Ruffin is no longer with us, Grover Johnson is still lighting out for any town in between Jackson and Jackson with a Walmart in it, with his vaporizer and red spotlight and whatever slivers of Jesus he still has left to hang from his tailgate.

RIP Paul Ruffin.