It's been about two years since this piece was accepted, but Richard Peabody's mammoth two-volume 40th Anniversary Issue has finally hit the press. Peabody has been publishing Gargoyle in Washington DC since 1976, without hiatus. He'll finally be taking one this year. I hope the NEA is around when he gets back. Which is a good reason to get your copy of Gargoyle today.

Maybe the $20 price tag is slowing you down?

Here are 5 good reasons to whip out your wallet:

1. Gargoyle's home is Washington DC, where Donald Trump is now based when he's not in New York City. Gargoyle is everything Donald Trump is not.

2. Issue #65 is huge. You get a lot of quality offbeat writing for $20. 

3. Look at that stunning cover by Julia Geiser!

4.  You can buy your copy directly from Gargoyle, bypassing Amazon, another entrenched and corrupt media presence.

5. Inside, you'll find at least one story (categorized as non-fiction) dealing with all the following pressing issues: the boulder scene from Effren C. Piñon's 1983 classic The Killing of Satan, pupu platters and tinnitus, death by scrotal ring explosion and extended families who permanently disappear inside refrigerator box death traps. 

Lando and the Boulder.gif