Not my mind, not my anniversary. (I always forget that.) I've been so busy with Write CY I forgot I was a writer.

I was reminded the other day by an email from Ron Earl Phillips, who is looking at the MS of DILLO, and who will hopefully find some worth in it. 

Otherwise, this is the longest stretch of quiet publishing-wise I've had in a while. That stretch will likely continue until stories come out in Gargoyle Magazine (40th Anniversary Issue, whenever that comes), Spinetingler (April) and Crimespree Magazine (April). 

I like the quiet.

Max Sheridan

Nicosia, Cyprus

I’m a writer of pulp fiction and the director of Write CY, a community creative writing platform in Nicosia, Cyprus. I also co-run Storyline Creatives, a boutique writing consultancy with a focus on storytelling.