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The first time he saw the prosthetic he thought of the fucking Belgians. Because only the fucking Belgians would have designed an orca-sized strap-on penis for use as a NATO bargaining chip. But this dildo wasn’t Belgian-made, it was from Pittsburg, and it had two heads and two very slim grips.

A mathematician and a typographer got together and decided to give a few writers a bunch of random words and phrases from newspaper headlines, and some images, and have them make flash fiction.

I won't tell you what my words were, but I got a picture of an orca whale and a picture of a police chief. I don't hold the creators of the project accountable for the results, though I'm fully prepared to be judged—and tarred and feathered—by the community. Join us at the Pop-Up Festival in the City Plaza Zombie Mall 16 DEC, 2016 8PM to celebrate art, science and 10-foot whale dildos. 

Max Sheridan

Nicosia, Cyprus

I’m the author of Dillo (Shotgun Honey 2017), a pulp road novel, and the director of Write CY, a Nicosia-based platform for creative writing and community storytelling. I also co-direct Storyline Creatives, a boutique writing agency with a focus on storytelling.