Dog of the South by Charles Portis, (not Dr. Reo Symes.)

Dog of the South by Charles Portis, (not Dr. Reo Symes.)

My dream trip is to spend an evening with Elon Musk in his living room in Tahiti. Which may very well be his living room in Madagascar or Port-au-Prince. I’m guessing he has holographic walls that can transport you to any number of destinations?

I have to apologize for this one, but if you ask me what I ate for breakfast in an interview, you're going to get answers like this. My big regret is that Charles Portis—my favorite writer and a man who gets catapulted into the limelight every decade or two only when someone writes about his criminal obscurity—has ceded authorship of my favorite book, Dog of the South, to his own creation, Dr. Reo Symes. Who—you guessed it—is my favorite literary character.

WARNING: If you click on the link below, the first thing you'll see is what looks to be a 1200x800px image of my face. 

A Minute with Max Sheridan in the Cyprus Mail.

Max Sheridan

Nicosia, Cyprus

I’m the author of Dillo (Shotgun Honey 2017), a pulp road novel, and the director of Write CY, a Nicosia-based platform for creative writing and community storytelling. I also co-direct Storyline Creatives, a boutique writing agency with a focus on storytelling.