I hear this short and very filthy tale was written to be submitted to a lowlife crime editor as a joke. That may or may not be true. I know for a fact it was partly inspired by a YouTube video of an unwholesome paraphilia hitherto unknown to the author. The video had been forwarded by a friend. As a full-time patron of the perverse and unwholesome, I find the video and the story inspired by it intriguing. Find MUD HUSTLER live at Hobart as part of editor Jess Stoner's 2015 Erotica Week.

Max Sheridan

Nicosia, Cyprus

I’m the author of Dillo (Shotgun Honey 2017), a pulp road novel, and the director of Write CY, a Nicosia-based platform for creative writing and community storytelling. I also co-direct Storyline Creatives, a boutique writing agency with a focus on storytelling.