Three months from today, in 2002, Lord Littlebrook (born Eric Tovey) passed away...

Thus began my introduction to the 2nd Annual Lord Littlebrook Short Fiction Contest. Until I discovered a shocking fact I must have overlooked last year when innaugurating the 1st Annual Lord Littlebrook Short Fiction Contest.

Lord Littlebrook is not dead.

According to Wikipedia, he is currently alive and living with his son Bobby in Saint Joseph, Missouri. Bobby and his brother Chris, who are midgets and wrestle under the names "Beautiful Bobby and Kato," are members of the midget wrestling group The Half Pint Brawlers. 

To correct this oversight, I am offering a cash prize of $25 for the best piece of short fiction inspired by the life and achievements of Lord Littlebrook, a step up from last year, when I was offering a tour of my empty liquor cabinet.

Guidelines follow:

  • 250 words or less

  • anonymous submissions/no bios

  • Lord Littlebrook must appear in one scene of your story in his leopard print wrestling briefs

  • sex and violence welcome

Send entries to: maxsheridan.lit@gmail.com (response time varies between 30 and 60 seconds.)

This year's guest judge is Leonard Cockshut of the screenwriting duo Cockshut and DeCalb, currently based at ShockMax Studios in Cleveland.




Max Sheridan