When Lila Lane opens her eyes in Mercy General Hospital three months after a horrible accident that put her in a coma, she is coming uncontrollably. Things quickly get worse when Lila realizes she can't remember anything before the accident. The only possibility of recovering her memory turns out to be her worst nightmare—a psychotic twin sister who, she has every reason to suspect, has not only stolen her identity in her absence, but has gained secret powers over her vagina.


Bridget Lane is living the dream. She's just gotten her first big break as a lifestyle blogger and she's sharing an industrial loft overlooking the Baltimore harbor with her boyfriend Ben, a sensitive copywriter who is trying to break her out of a shell that is threatening to destroy their relationship. When she gets a phone call from the hospital with news of Lila's recovery, her dream life begins to unravel. 

The tip of Ben’s cock was shiny with Bridget’s wetness. Deadline, story, Hendricks and even Lila Lane swiftly drifted to the very bottom of his conscience as he contemplated the very real possibility of laying Bridget stomach-down on the floor of his loft and sliding his now fully erect member into her smooth slickness from behind until they both came loud enough for Hendricks to hear them in hell.


Dr. Alan Searl

A 40-year-old MD with a rock-hard physique and firm hands for baking homemade lasagna

Dr. Jenny Katic

A willowy psychologist originally from Serbia with a secret ache


A hipster carpenter


Bruce's girlfriend, a sock puppet maker who questions her own fidelity


A glass blower with extra sensitive ears


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